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Everything Actioncast Ep 229 “Simpsons Guy”


On the last podcast before New York Comic Con, Zach, Chris and Joe discuss the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover, Moonwalker the arcade game, Tak3n, Saturday Morning cartoons (RIP), Pet Semetaries, the plot of a Tetris movie, Tapped Out vs Quest for Stuff and much more.

  • News: Tak3n, Blackhat, Stretch, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Inherent Vice trailers, Rush Hour TV show in the works, Ethan Hawke may be the new Doctor Strange front runner, Crouching Tiger 2 hitting Netflix and IMAX before theaters, Dracula Untold may be the first entry in the Universal Monsters universe now, Tetris movie in the works, first look at Angry Birds: The Movie and cast announced and Saturday Morning Cartoons are dead.
  • Show and Tell: The guys talk about more Fall premieres like Family Guy, South Park, The Simpsons, The Goldbergs and Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Joe also watched Pet Semetary 1 and 2 while Zach saw The Boxtrolls, The Equalizer, Zero Tolerance, Neighbors and played Rambo: The Video Game.

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