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Battle at the Box Office 10/6


It was an extremely tight race at the box office this weekend but David Fincher’s Gone Girl took the top spot with $38 million.  It’s Fincher’s best opening ever and it’s the best Ben Affleck opening since *shudder* Daredevil.

Annabelle didn’t quite match the performance of The Conjuring but it was incredibly close with $37 million.  The Conjuring made $41.9 million it’s opening weekend.  Thanks to both Annabelle and Gone Girl, this was the strongest weekend ever for October box office.

The Equalizer dropped down to third with $19 million, dropping about 44% from last weekend’s opening.

The Boxtrolls and The Maze Runner rounded out the top 5.

Nicolas Cage’s latest disasterpiece, Left Behind, took sixth place with almost $7 million, not quite up to the level of the other Christian aimed releases earlier this year and kind of a middling opening for Nicolas Cage.


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