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Everything Alcohol: 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain


For Chris’ birthday last weekend, he, Joe and special guests Asa, Ryan and Chris Ali watched the fourth and final entry in the the 3 Ninjas series, High Noon at Mega Mountain, starring none of the original 3 Ninjas but, more imporantly, stars Hulk Hogan, Loni Anderson and Jim Varney.   The ninjas, now all sporting awful mullets, head to the Mega Mountain theme park for Tum Tum’s birthday but their day of rides and watching aging action star, Dave Dragon (Hogan), is interrupted by supervillain Medusa Rodgers (Anderson) her henchman Lothar Zogg (Varney), her Jamaican sidekick CJ and her three idiot nephews, Carl, Buelow and Zed.  The 3 Ninjas must then use their martial arts powers to save the day.  Since it’s an Everything Alcohol commentary, there are drinking game rules in effect, like drinking anytime they say Mega Mountain or Grandpa in the movie.  You can watch the movie on Netflix and sync up the commentary below to experience what is basically the entirety of the 90’s condensed into a little under 90 minutes.



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