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EA at NYCC 14: Day 2 Recap


Day 2 of NYCC was unusually slow for us, which is probably a good thing because all of us, especially Chris, were hungover from a probably misguided night of shots and pizza at The Pizza Pub.  In fact, Chris was so sick that he threw up and had to leave before the Rick & Morty panel.

A reenactment of actual events
A reenactment of actual events

While Chris recovered back at the hotel, Joe and I sat down with the cast and creators of Rick & Morty, which we completely dropped the ball on last year when we didn’t go to the interviews and the show turned out to be amazing. We met Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland (who somehow does the voices for both Rick and Morty), Sarah Chalke (Beth) and Chris Parnell (Jerry) to find out what we can expect from the new season. The audio from those interviews should be up soon.






After getting a slightly recovered Chris, we headed out to the main event of Friday, a screening of the soon to be released See No Evil 2, directed by the wonderfully quirky and deranged Soska Sisters. Kane returns as Jacob Goodnight aka The God’s Hand killer, who, contrary to what you might think, did not die at the end of See No Evil and is now rampaging through the local morgue and killing the friends of morgue worker Amy (Danielle Harris). It reminded me a lot of Halloween 2 in terms of it’s immediacy of the events and the setting and there definitely seems like there’s more of an effort to make Jacob more “iconic”, as he gets a face mask and butcher’s apron this time around. The Soskas were on hand afterwards for a Q&A session, where we learned what they have in mind for a third entry, behind the scenes tidbits, their love of wrestling and a hint of their next movie, Vendetta, which is apparently about Dean Cain killing his way through a prison, so consider us very interested.



And that’s pretty much all we did Friday, we took it easy on Friday night to recover for Saturday, which was pretty much wall to wall Adult Swim interviews with the likes of Michael Jai White and Mike effing Tyson.  Come back tomorrow for the details on all that plus the Tyrannic Maiden Voyage party cruise and more.

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