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The Pull List 10/23


  • TMNT/Ghostbusters #1: While the regular Ghostbusters comic has ended, they are back for possibly their biggest adventure yet as Donatello, testing out his teleportation device, accidentally transports the Turtles, April and Casey to the Ghostbusters dimension and accidentally releases a powerful Japanese god, who is the revenge seeking brother of Shredder’s advisor, Kitsune.
  • Batman Eternal #29: Things are getting out of control at Arkham as Alfred, Batwing and The Spectre are all in the clutches of the resurrected Rev. Blackfire and his demonic hordes.  As Batman rushes to help, Hush moves to booby trap Batman’s caches hidden around the city.
  • Deadpool #36: Wade gets drawn into the craziness of Axis, where the whole world is turned against mutants by a Professor X brain powered Red Skull and joins forces with Magneto, Dr. Doom, Scarlett Witch and Sabretooth to help the Avengers and X-Men stop the apocalypse.  Taking a blast of magical energy, Deadpool undergoes a groovy transformation and the peaceful and good natured side of his personality takes over, leaving him wanting to tend a zen garden than take assassination jobs.
  • Five Ghosts #13: Fabian Gray, an adventurer possessed by the spirits of Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Matsumori, Robin Hood and Merlin, heads to Romania to find his kidnapped friend Sebastian but finds the land stricken by a plague turning people into hideous zombies.  Fabian helps a young boy delivering medicine and learns Sebastian is most likely in a nearby, supposedly cursed, keep.
  • The Flash: Season Zero #4: After getting some intel from the guys at STAR Labs, Barry heads out to stop the super powered circus that is causing various crimes around Central City but is sent into near orbit by a telekinetic mystic and is at the whim of the circus’ ringleader, Mr. Bliss.
  • New Warriors #11: The New Warriors make their last stand against the High Evolutionary and his Immortal allies but are quickly defeated by the god-like beings and strapped into the High Evolutionary’s weapon that will kill every non-human on Earth.  Their only hope is Justice, who has been blasted across the planet into the side of Mt. Everest and may not make it back in time to save the day.


  • Deathstroke #1: Arguably the DC universe’s greatest mercenary gets a brand new solo book after his break from the Suicide Squad and finds himself on an assassination mission to Russia.  The mission goes almost as planned until his main target, The Possum, kills his contact and almost kills Slade before Slade stabs him in the head and makes it to another contact, Iching, who heals Slade but Slade now owes him.  This book definitely doesn’t shy away from the violence, as Slade hacks tons of people in half and someone literally gets their face punched off.
  • Godzilla Cataclysm #3: With the monsters awakened, the small village of survivors tries to decide what to do when the praying mantis like Megaurius and Mothra arrive and battle in the skies before Godzilla himself shows up, all drawn by the tiny piece of Biollante that a young pair of scavengers brought back to the village.  They barely manage to escape before Godzilla destroys the village in his quest to prevent Biollante from regrowing the planet’s plant life.
  • Godzilla: Rulers of the Earth #17: After defeating Mecha-King Ghidrah in Russian, Godzilla and Anguirus head on their separate ways back into the ocean while, in orbit, the evil alin Cryogs are attacked by Space Godzilla, who arrives with a hail storm of crystal meteors and manages to defeat the aliens two remaining Mecha-Godzillas and Gigan while Lucy, one of the members of the Kaiju research team, gets a psychic link to the twin girls the aliens were using to mind control people and gets an apocalyptic vision of the monsters.
  • Samurai Jack #13: Jack, swordless, has spent months in hiding but is discovered by a bounty hunting robot and just barely manages to escape into the desert.  He remembers the story his father told him of the creation of their family sword and is then confronted by a magical crow, who brings Jack before the three monks who originally forged the blade, who will judge him to determine if he should be allowed to wield it again.
  • Superman #35: Superman and his newly discovered ally Ulysses track down the location of the high tech arms dealer, The Machinist, and manage to stop him before he’s able to sell a number of deadly robotic creations but he seems to be working for another, even more powerful entity named Mr. Oz.  While fighting the Machinist, Ulysses gets a vision of how many weapons are on Earth and is horrified and decides that he has to offer humanity a chance for peace.  He sends a broadcast to everyone on Earth that he will bring 6 million people back to his adopted homeworld of The Great World to live in peace.


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