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The Pull List 11/6


  • Superman Unchained #9: The Jim Lee/Scott Snyder team up comes to an end as Superman, with an alien armada ready to attack the Earth, is given a serum by Lex Luthor that will allow him to save the planet by blowing himself up.  Ready to make the sacrifice, Superman is surprised by his nemesis Wraith, who has a change of heart and takes the serum himself, allowing Clark to survive and return to Earth.
  • Bloodshot #25: A special anniversary issue of Bloodshot finds the nanobot powered assassin on various missions, some comedic, some incredibly dark.  There’s also a ton of great parodies and homages to classic comic ads as well, all with a hilariously over the top, violent spin to them.
  • Chew #44: Despite warnings from Tony, his daughter and former partners head out to take out “The Vampire”, who has been collecting the food powers of various people by eating them and he proves too much for the team, especially since cybernetic chicken Poyo is off battling his evil doppleganger in space.
  • Detective Comics #36: Batman races to stop a contagion that is rapidly aging the patrons of Gotham International Airport and learns that the man who unleashed it is carrying the cure in his blood and, with some assistance from Dick Grayson, is able to get the cure in time to save everyone and takes a much needed vacation, which is why Bruce was at the airport in the first place.
  • Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #1: Back in medieval times, Gilad the Eternal Warrior is given a mission by the Geomancer, the spirit of the Earth, to find a child with a special mark who will be the savior of the Earth and manages to find him right as he and his parents are about to be attacked by a group of invading soldiers and then reluctantly takes on the task of protecting them.
  • The Flash: Season Zero #5: Barry, after being captured by a metahuman circus, is monologued at by the ringmaster, Mister Bliss, who explains that the circus went from entertaining the crowds of Central City to being ridiculed by them and are now using their powers to get revenge.  Barry has enough and vibrates the bars of his cell off but is caught in the area of Mister Bliss’ powers, which is amplifying emotion to frightening levels.
  • Green Arrow #36: Felicity Smoak has entered the world of the comic Green Arrow and joins Oliver and Diggle after revealing that she was initially hired to find Oliver so he could be taken out by an assassin.  Felicity shows off her massive hacking skill by revealing she knows pretty much everything about Oliver and Diggle but doesn’t know who hired her, as everything was done on World of Warcraft anonymously.  While hunting down leads, Oliver and Felicity are ambushed by the assassin hired for the job of killing Oliver, Malcolm Merlyn.


  • Batman Eternal #31: Last issue, Arkham Asylum was completely destroyed by a blast of energy from the destroyed Deacon Blackfire and now the unlikely duo of Bane and Alfred (still suffering hallucinations from a dose of fear toxin to the brain) have to fight their way out of the bowels of the asylum while Batman struggles to contain the escaping inmates on the surface.
  • Hulk #8: Doc Green, the Extremis enhanced intelligent Hulk, continues his quest to depower all gamma powered beings and targets Betty Ross aka Red She-Hulk next.  It’s revealed that Betty is the one who ordered Bruce’s attempted murder, after getting a signal at her Order of the Shield that Bruce would bring about an extinction level event and had one of Bruce’s assistance shoot him in the head.  Bruce gets some help from Rick Jones, who slips Doc Green’s “cure” into Betty’s coffee while visiting her and she is the next person depowered.
  • Legendary Star-Lord #5: Peter Quill is tracking down leads about Mister Knife and chats up a horse alien contact who tells him about Knife’s team of enforcers called the Slaughter Squad and how they opened the Black Vortex which allowed Knife to escape into our dimension.  Peter’s contact turns out to be the Skrull member of the Slaughter Squad but Peter figured this would happen is backed by Drax, who gets ready for a good old fashioned bar fight.
  • Robocop #5: After shutting down the illegal gun dealings of criminal Killian, Murphy and Lewis are separated as Lewis is “promoted” to detective and assigned to the cold cases of the Detroit police department while Murphy has his gun taken away by OCP, which is at the worst possible time as gangs are somehow getting tech like ED-209 for their crimes.
  • Rocket Raccoon #5: Rocket, after finding out his evil doppelganger was actually a crazy rabbit bounty hunter named Blackjack O’Hare, who was killed by Rocket’s “league of evil ex girlfriends” but Rocket manages to battle them to a standstill until the other Guardians arrive to rescue him.
  • Swamp Thing #36: Alec manages to stop the burgeoning Machine intelligence from destroying his glade for the Green and goes to warn Abby, who is the avatar of the Rot, to warn her but their reunion is bittersweet as they can never be with each other again.  The Machines reconvene and decide that they need to see if an Avatar would allow them to become to ultimate force on the planet and they seem to settle on converting the paralyzed Lady Weeds, who tried to betray Alec previously, into their Avatar.
  • Turok #9: Turok returns to his original homeland to find his previous acquaintances Kita and Andar now friends with English settlers Marion and Tom, who decide to head back to England and Turok accompanies them, learning English and sailing on the journey back.  They find England bustling with dinosaurs being used for various jobs and living among humans but Marion’s return may make her the target of King John, who wants to keep her family’s land to himself.


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