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News Shotgun 11/7


  • Episode VII has an official title: The upcoming entry in the Star Wars series will be called “The Force Awakens”
  • Hunger Games getting a stage show in London: If you suffer withdrawl in 2016 with Mockingjay Part 2 having come and gone, you can head to London, where a stage show of the series is being developed.  A custom theaters is being built to house the production.
  • Johnny Rockets bringing back drive ins: The 50’s mall diner/drive through franchise is planning on building 200 brand new drive in theaters by 2018, which will have a Johnny Rockets drive thru attached and be able to fit between 500-700 cars.
  • Stallone and more join the cast of Animal Crackers: Sly, Danny Devito, Ian McKellan, Patrick Warburton, Gilbert Gottfried, Raven-Symone and more are some of the cast for the upcoming Blue Dream studios animated feature, Animal Crackers.  The movie follows a family who inherits an old circus and finds a magical box of Animal Crackers that turns people into the animal featured on the cookie they ate.
  • Toy Story 4 is coming in 2017: Sticking around with incredible shorts and specials since Toy Story 3, Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang are returning to theaters in 2017 with the fourth entry in the Toy Story series.  John Lasseter is directing.
  • Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey starring in movie about Elvis meeting Nixon: Shannon will play the legendary rocker, who set out on a bizarre journey one day in 1970 that eventually led to him becoming a federal agent and meeting President Nixon.  Spacey will portray Nixon and Cary Elwes wrote the script.
  • Mark Wahlberg is the new Six Million Dollar Man: Wahlberg will team with his Lone Survivor director, Peter Berg, to reboot the classic action/adventure show starring Lee Majors.
  • Hateful Eight cast officially confirmed: The 8 people who become trapped in a western town during a blizzard are Samuel L Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Demian Bichir, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen and Bruce Dern.  Channing Tatum will also co-star, but not as one of the titular Hateful Eight.
  • Luke Evans starring in Free Fire: Evans will co-star with Armie Hammer in the 70’s action/crime movie about a weapons deal gone bad in Boston.  UK director Ben Wheatley will direct.
  • Lemony Snicket series coming to Netflix: Adding to their growing catalog of original series, Netflix will be adapting the Lemony Snicket series of books.  The books were adapted into a film with Jim Carrey, trying to capitalize on the Harry Potter craze, but failed to make enough money to warrant further films in the series.
  • Hans Zimmer scoring Batman v Superman with Junkie XL: In the spirit of the film, Zimmer will be composing the music for Superman while Junkie XL, who just scored Mad Max: Fury Road, will handle the Batman side of things.
  • Now You See Me 2 cast and plot revealed: Mark Ruffalo, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Dave Franco and Michael Caine will return from the first film and Lizzie Caplan will take over for Isla Fisher while Daniel Radcliffe will play Caine’s son.  The plot finds “The Four Horsemen” magic team up against a new enemy will attempting their biggest heist yet.
  • Michael Fassbender may take over Steve Jobs role from Christian Bale: Bale dropped out earlier this week but it seems like Michael Fassbender may step in to take on the role of Jobs in Danny Boyle’s upcoming biopic.
  • Bradley Cooper producing a Limitless TV series: Cooper will produce a show based on his 2011 film for CBS, which will follow Brian Sinclair, an author who discovers the drug NZT that unlocks 100% of his brain power.  Kurtzman and Orci will pair back up to help produce as well.
  • Peggy Carter will be featured in Ant-Man: Get ready for tons of Peggy Carter next year, as her mini series starts in January and she will also have a role in Ant-Man in the summer.  There are rumors that there will be a flashback scene with Hank Pym at SHIELD along with Howard Stark, Peggy and Arnim Zola
  • Title of Nicolas Winding Refn’s upcoming horror movie revealed: The Neon Demon will be Refn’s female centered horror movie that will be shooting early next year.  Carey Mulligan is rumored to be in talks to star.
  • Scarecrow will appear on Gotham: The future fear monger Jonathan Crane will appear as a child in an upcoming episode of Gotham, where it seems like his father may be the originator of the Scarecrow persona and takes on Gordon and Bullock.
  • Ridley Scott producing a 3001: The Final Odyssey mini series for SyFy: SyFy will be adapting the fourth and final entry in Arthur C. Clarke’s classic sci-fi series, which continues to expand the world and mythology setup in 2001, like the Star Child, the Monolith and more as Frank Poole, the partner of Dave Bowman, is discovered frozen in space and brought back to life by alien forces and shown what the Earth has become a thousand years after his fateful mission to Jupiter.


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