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EA Commentary: Santa with Muscles


To celebrate the holidays, Zach, Chris, Chris A and Asa settle in for the only Christmas movie to feature an amnesiac Hulk Hogan, Santa with Muscles.  Playing asshole supplement millionaire, Blake Thorn, Hogan takes a ceramic Santa to the head while escaping the police (don’t ask) and, thanks to shady elf (Don Stark), he’s led to believe he’s actually Santa and takes it upon himself to save a local orphanage from another evil millionaire, played by Ed Begley Jr.  The guys try to figure out why an orphanage with 3 kids needs a massive Spanish mission to house them, where Ed Begley Jr found his literal comic book henchmen, plus, the origin of Mila Kunis.  The movie is available below thanks to some enterprising soul on Youtube, so sync it up with our commentary, grab some heavily spiked eggnog and have a Ho Ho Hoganrific holiday.

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