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Up to Speed: Helix Season 2


SyFy is trying to get back to a slightly more respectable place after drowning themselves in reality shows and Asylum movies (don’t worry, Sharknado 3 is on the way) and one of their ways of doing that is developing more original series and one of them is back this Friday for it’s second season, the outbreak-centric Helix.  The second season is taking place on secret island laboratory but the first season was channeling The Thing and set at an Antarctic research base as a CDC team is called in to try and stop an outbreak of a deadly disease that is turning the scientists and staff into rampaging zombies.  Things get infinitely more complex as the season goes on but if you want to try and just jump in, SyFy release a five minute recap of the first season that you can check out below and see the second season premiere on 1/16 at 10 PM EST on SyFy.

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