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Raylan’s Law: “Fate’s Right Hand”

By brian


Everything Action is proud to announce that we will recapping the seventh and final season of the hit FX action drama “Justified”. Listen as we go over the big season-long battle between Raylan Givens and Boyd Crowder, with lots of ass-kicking and one-liners along the way.

So here it is. The final season of “Justified”. An intentional artistic decision on the part of star/executive producer Timothy Olyphant and executive producer/creator Graham Yost, we the viewer are given one more season of the don’t-play-by-the-rules US Marshall Raylan Givens.

Knowing the show over the course of its six existing seasons, it makes total sense to dedicate the final season as an endgame of sorts between Raylan and long time criminal nemesis Boyd Crowder. They’ve been linked at the start as a good-evil pair that always seems to be in the middle of each others doings.

Stuck in the middle of Raylan and Boyd’s games is Raylan’s former lover and Boyd’s current sorta lover Ava Crowder. Ava’s had a hard knock life as of late, and it out of jail from last season based on a bit of a plea deal from the Marshall’s office to help bring down Boyd. Boyd isn’t totally oblivious, but still feels when the chip’s are down that his loyal Ava will be at his side.

The season premiere starts out with Raylan following a hot lead which brings him south of the border. He ends up getting the attention of a local federale who managed to bust Johnny Crowder’s drug deal from last season that left him and a bunch of Boyd’s men dead. Raylan’s interregation ends up with one name: Dewey Crowe. Dewey is due to be released from prison due to the charges from last season not sticking and has managed to pin a restraining order on Raylan. (Like those tactics have stopped him before.)

It isn’t long before Dewey pleads his way back onto Boyd’s crew to help out Boyd’s next big job. Unfortunately for Dewey, Boyd sends him on a bit of a wild goose chase that ends with the Marshalls busting him with absolutely nothing. At the same time, Boyd and his other crew take down a local bank to find a safe deposit box they know is loaded with cash.

While Raylan and Boyd get to work, Ava is stuck at home with mounting bills amongst other worries. She decides to get her old job back at the salon, but Boyd promises her that he wanted to land one more heist to raise enough money to leave Harlan forever.

Ava being stuck between Boyd’s love and dedication and Raylan’s missions are only complicated by the fact that if she doesn’t deliver the goods on Boyd she’s as good as back in a jail cell. While it’s fun to look into Raylan and Boyd, Ava’s storyline is something that could be worth watching in itself. And a much dramatic improvement over the “Orange is the New Black”-ish story she was stuck with last season.

Overall, the premiere does all the things you expect premieres to do: to set the table for what should be a dynamite final season. Garret Dillahunt shows up as a fancy mysterious stranger looking to buy the Givens house in cold hard cash. It’ll be interesting to see where he and future guest star Sam Elliott end up.

For now the Raylan-Boyd cat-and-mouse game is on. And with the sudden death of Dewey Crowe by Boyd, it’s official that things have gotten pretty serious. At least Boyd is. And it’s time for us and Raylan to find out why.

  • Raylan Givens, Cerified Badass: He takes down a slimy drug dealer with a surprise hard whack from a shovel.
  • Justified: Ava, for going back to a life of respectable living at the salon, despite Boyd’s best wishes.
  • The (Final) Wisdom of Dewey Crowe: “You know I don’t know how to speak Mexican!”

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