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Battle at the Box Office 2/2


American Sniper remained at the the top of the box office for another record breaking weekend, this time breaking the record for highest Super Bowl weekend.  The “big game” may have taken a big chunk of Sniper’s box office, as it fell 51% from last weekend, but it still took in $31.8 million, putting it close to crossing over $250 million.

Paddington actually moved up from third to second over the weekend, making $8.5 million and putting it over $50 million for it’s three weeks out.

Thanks to being delayed and getting basically no marketing, Project Almanac had the second worst opening ever for Platinum Dunes, only beating their remake of The Hitcher with $8.5 million.  Chronicle, the movie it’s probably most similar to, made over $20 million on it’s opening weekend around the same time.

Black or White also did not do very well, trying to counter-program against the Super Bowl and failing.  The Kevin Costner drama made $6.5 million, way down on the list of Costner openings, barely beating Swing Vote.  As far as recent Costner movies, it’s $3 million off from Draft Day.

The Boy Next Door dropped from second to fifth with another $6 million, an almost 60% drop off from it’s surprisingly strong opening last weekend.

Barely making it onto the top ten was The Loft, another movie that had basically no marketing.  The Karl Urban remake made $2.9 million, making less than Blackhat and easily one of the worst openings for everyone involved.

The Game of Thrones IMAX experiment made $1.5 million at 205 theaters, putting it in 15th place for the weekend.  The event was the last 2 episodes of Season 4 along with some extras, like the Season 5 trailer.



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