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Musical Montage: Mark Cherry “Getaway”


Composer David Schwartz composed some incredibly catchy songs for Arrested Development but the one that refuses to leave your brain is Getaway, from Season 4.  Between seasons 3 and 4, Gob tries to get a limousine service off the ground and ends up chauffeuring and hanging out with Mark Cherry, tween acting and music sensation.  Gob, in a not unexpected fashion, gets super weird and needy so Mark creates a diss song, called Getaway, to try and let Gob know the entourage wants him out but Gob is oblivious and turns it into his ringtone.  Like most AD jokes, it continues to pop up for the rest of the season in ringtones and Tobias, perhaps subconsciously, turns it into the basis for his Fantastic Four musical numbers.  Check out the full song below.

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