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Raylan’s Law: “Alive Day”

By brian


The name of the show is “Justified”. It’s not called “Raylan” or “Harlan” or even “Marshalls”. It’s “Justified”. And that’s a very deliberate title, because ever since his bold decision in Miami landed him back in his hometown, Raylan has been trying to justify his actions ever since. It’s created a rift between everyone he’s encountered. There’s his estranged girlfriend and baby mama Wynona, his superiors Art and Rachel, and even his long-time arch-nemesis Boyd Crowder.

The latest of his justifiable actions put Art and Rachel in a hard place. Last week’s episode ended with an ambiguous kiss between Ava and Raylan, and even though Art and Rachel never saw it they still have a sneaking suspicion that their relationship has become more than professional. It would be easy to pull Raylan off the case, but the Marshalls run the risk of losing Ava as a CI and starting all over. Ratting out Raylan doesn’t come that easy.

The episode opens though, shortly after that kiss. Boyd shows up to see Raylan in his house grilling him about Markham. Boyd feigns ignorance about Markham but Raylan continues to have his suspicions.

Not all is going well for Avery Markham and his gang. Walker and the other goons managed to take out Calhoun but now have a dead body and a witness to take care of. Walker tries to stick up for his former soldier buddy Choo Choo but Markham emphasizes what must be done. When Choo Choo calls to back out of killing Calhoun’s mistress, Walker shows up to take him down once and for all. But they didn’t suspect the Marshalls tagging along, and what ensues it a shoot-out that leaves Choo Choo mortally wounded. Raylan and Tim now know that Walker and company had to do with Calhoun’s murder, and it won’t be long before they can try to trace it back to Markham.

Meanwhile, Boyd is back in the mine again looking for Emulex. He receives a huge scare though, as he falls through some rotted boards in a deep, dark hole below, before Zachariah and Carl pull him out. Boyd is shaken up but determined. However, not all is to believed. Later on a mining friend of Zachariah notices the boards were cut, meaning that it was sabotage for Boyd all along. Judging from their hostile previous encounters, and his care of darling niece Ava, it seems like Zachariah has it in for Boyd.

Ava might need that backup sooner rather than later, as the episode ends with a friendly call from Limehouse to Boyd looking to get in on the action. That, and he has some news about his beau that might not go over so well…

  • Raylan Givens, Certified Badass: “Wonderful things can happen when you sow seeds in a garden of assholes” is his latest words of wisdom that manages to impress even Tim.
  • Jewelry Tips with Wynn Duffy: He tries to impress Katherine over his knowledge of the four C’s of diamonds in relation to her engagement ring from Markham.
  • “Netflix it.”: Choo Choo/Chico always reminded me of Mongo, the dim-witted brute from “Blazing Saddles”.

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