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Movie of the Month: Leprechaun

By Zach


Since St. Patrick’s Day is this month, Everything Action will celebrate this month with the original Leprechaun, currently available on Netflix.

One of Jennifer Aniston’s first major roles and also one of the iconic performance from Warwick Davis, Leprechaun came out in 1993 and followed a similar trajectory to most horror movies of the era, starting out kind of legitimate but quickly devolving into ridiculousness before sending the franchise into space.  The Leprechaun movies started at  a much higher ridiculous level than movies like Hellraiser or Friday the 13th however, probably more similar to the Child’s Play series and the Leprechaun himself quickly became more mischievous and hacky as the series went on, coming up with increasingly more convoluted rhymes and ways to kill people and finally rapping during one of his adventures “to the hood”.

Come back at the end of the month as we check out the movie that kickstarted the franchise.

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