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Everything Actioncast Ep 246 “Horror Kombat”

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This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe finalize the first round of Action Madness, the possible new additions to Mortal Kombat X, the lows of the first season of Agents of SHIELD, the latest Age of Ultron trailer, pay respects to Leonard Nimoy and much more.

  • News: RIP Leonard Nimoy, Age of Ultron, Selfless and Mr. Holmes trailers, Jason, Predator and Spawn rumored to appear in Mortal Kombat X, Lee cast for Rush Hour TV show, HBO Now annonced, HBO GO now on PS4, Lake Placid vs Anaconda coming to SyFy, Luke Evans is Gaston in Beauty and the Beast, Drew Goddard most likely writing and directing next Spider-Man, CW DCverse new.
  • Action Madness 2015: The guys render the final vote on the first round of the Action Madness bracket.
  • Show and Tell: Joe and Zach saw the premiere of Last Man on Earth, Joe watched A Walk Among the Tombstones, Chris is struggling through the first season of Agents of SHIELD and Zach watched most of House of Cards Season 3, Sherlock Holmes, Lucy and Predestination.

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