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Tomorrowland Trailer #2


After some mysterious teasers, the first full trailer for Tomorrowland is here and shows off a ton of the crazy future tech that will be on display but the story is still a little mysterious.  Directed by Brad Bird, the movie stars Britt Robertson as Casey, a brilliant but troubled teen who links up with Frank (George Clooney) when she finds a mysterious pin that seems to be the key to unlocking the way to Tomorrowland, a world, possibly in the future, where the best minds in humanity are working to save the planet. Hugh Laurie co-stars and there seems to be some evil force trying to either prevent Casey and Frank from getting to Tomorrowland.  Damon Lindelof of Lost co-wrote the script with Bird, so that’s where you can probably attribute the mystery of the plot.  It looks pretty cool and the tech seems to have a kind of retro future feel, with jet packs and ray guns and giant robots.  It’s out on May 22nd and you can check out the trailer below.

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