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EA Commentary: Leprechaun


Since it’s St. Patrick’s Day, Everything Action is keeping up the tradition started last year and watched another entry in the infamous Leprechaun series, this time the original 1993 classic.  Before going to space or to “da hood”, the Leprechaun was stalking a young Jennifer Aniston and the weird misfits her father hires to paint their house in the middle of nowhere, New Mexico.  Not quite developing his more elaborate kill technique, Warwick Davis’ titular creature usually resorts to biting or stabbing his victims or running them down in various go-karts.  The trio of Zach, Chris and Joe try to figure out if the director had a foot fetish, what the rules of Leprechauns are in this universe, why people buy murder houses and much more.  Leprechaun is available on Netflix and you can sync up the commentary below and watch the Everything Action crew.

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