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Battle at the Box Office 3/23


The latest in the Divergent series, Insurgent, easily took the number one spot at the box office this past weekend with $54 million, almost exactly the same as the first movie last year.  The Divergent series is doing solid as far as the recent trend of YA dystopian adaptations, beating The Maze Runner, for example, but it’s nowhere near The Hunger Games.

Cinderella dropped to number two this past weekend with another $34.4 million and has made over $122 million for it’s two weeks out.

Run All Night dropped to third with another $5.1 million, but it did manage to defeat it’s direct, new competitor, The Gunman, which only made $5 million.  Even with original Taken director, Pierre Morel, behind the scenes, the movie was obviously nowhere near that hit and it was barely a third of last year’s 3 Days to Kill, which itself was a cheap knock off of Taken.

Kingsman rounded out the top 5 with another $4.6 million and it’s made over $114 million for it’s six weeks out.

Do You Believe? opened in more theaters than last year’s God’s Not Dead but made less than half of that movie’s opening.  Do You Believe? made $4 million compared to God’s Not Dead’s $9.2 million and it’s actually less than pretty much all the Christian themed movies from last year, even Nicolas Cage’s Left Behind.


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