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Action Hero of the Week: Paul Kersey

Charles Bronson in Death Wish, 1974.

Name: Paul Kersey

Occupation: Architect, Korean War vet, vigilante

Family: Joanna Kersey (Wife), Carol Toby (Daughter)

Allies: Geri Nichols, Frank Ochoa, Richard Shriker, Karen Sheldon, Olivia Regent, Charley

Enemies: random punks and criminals, Manny Fraker, JoJo, Ed Zacharias, Ed Romeo, Tommy O’Shea, Freddie Flakes

Weapon(s) of Choice: .44 Magnum, .380 Beretta, M16, Ruger Mini-14

Body Count: N/A

Memorable Quote: “If the police don’t defense us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves”

See Paul in Action:

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