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EA Commentary: Sidekicks


For this Everything Action commentary, Zach, Chris, Chris Ali and Asa dive into what could possibly be the ultimate Chuck Norris movie, Sidekicks.  Chuck stars as himself in the various daydreams of superfan Barry (Jonathan Brandis), who imagines himself as Chuck’s sidekick in various scenarios based around Missing in Action, possibly Hard Target (even though it’s a Van Damme movie), westerns, ninjas and more.  In order to help him overcome both his obsession with Chuck and his asthma, his dad (Beau Bridges) decides to have him train in martial arts with the uncle (Mako) of Barry’s teacher (Julia Nickson-Soul), who runs a Chinese food restaurant.  Also, Joe Piscopo is the leader of a Cobra Kaiesque dojo who hates Chuck Norris.  The guys try to figure out what level of mental illness Barry has, if Chuck Norris exists at all in the movie, why Danica McKellar is turned on by violence, why the big tournament at the end comes down to brick breaking and much more.  The guys watched the below copy of the movie on youtube, as it’s not very readily available on DVD, and you can sync up the commentary and join the guys on this adventure into all things Chuck Norris.


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