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Star Wars: Battlefront Trailer


It’s been 10 years since the last major entry in arguably the greatest series of games in the Star Wars universe, Battlefront, but now, with Disney in charge, EA is bringing the third entry in the series to next gen consoles this holiday season.  The trailer features an epic battle on Endor between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire that is supposedly in engine but it doesn’t seem like anything resembling actual gameplay.  There’s a quick shot of the obligatory Hoth battleground as well but the big news revealed along with the trailer at Star Wars Celebration was that there will be DLC expansion two weeks before The Force Awakens comes out called “The Battle of Jakku” which will tie into that amazing opening shot of the most recent trailer where we see a crashed Star Destroyer.  The game is out on November 17th for PS4, XBox One and PC.  Check out the trailer below.

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