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The Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer is Here!


You kind of had to figure it was just a matter of time…

After the trailer leaked late last night, Warner Bros. had to play their hand a bit early. A wise decision, if you ask us.

More of our take on it after what you came here for in the first place… The first OFFICIAL trailer for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice!

That’s a fine-looking trailer if you ask me.

I think a lot of the hate toward the leaked trailer (other than the kind that came from delusional Marvel fanboys…you know, the ones who think Ant-Man would have a snowball’s chance in hell against Batman?) was because of the quality. After all, it was a leak. The sound sucked. It got blurry to the point where you couldn’t even make out that the first time we see Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, he’s standing in the Bat-cave.

Point of the story, the experience as a whole makes up a lot of your opinion…whether you realize it or not! Had I seen this trailer for the first time in IMAX this coming Monday (and yes, I still plan on going to see it), I’d think it was the best thing ever.

But having seen it now in HD on a decent enough screen… I have to say, I’m very impressed. But more than anything? I’m relieved. As a diehard fan, I have no problem admitting I had my reservations about this movie. But from the looks of things… Things are going just fine.

Now that the Bat is out of the bag (see what I did there?), I have a feeling like we’re going to be seeing a LOT more in the coming months… Hopefully a viral marketing campaign, tons of stills, maybe an official synopsis, a reveal (or two, or three), and, more than anything, an indication of the greater DC Universe on film… So something that connects this to Suicide Squad and beyond.

This is where some people would say it’s a great time to be a DC fan. But I think that’s nonsense. It’s a great time to be a comic book fan. This isn’t a movie that people would care about nearly as much about if it were happening a decade ago…much less in the 90s!

It’s about to get very, very interesting for us fans.

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