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EA Commentary: Cyborg


For this month’s commentary, Zach, Chris and Chris Ali dive into the JCVD deep cut, Cyborg.  Starring Van Damme as Gibson Rickenbacker, a “slinger” in the post-apocalyptic future who is roped into trying to help a cyborg get to Atlanta because she has the cure for a plague in her robotic brain, but the evil pirate Fender Tremolo (Vincent Klyn) captures the cyborg and Gibson has to give chase.  Filmed with basically no money on the old Masters of the Universe sets, Cyborg was the second JCVD movie of 1989, with Kickboxer being the other one.  The guys try to figure out what exactly a “slinger” is, why the titular cyborg is barely in the movie, if the entire movie is a weird religous metaphor and much more.  Cyborg is available on Netflix and you can sync up our commentary below and get ready for some futuristic martial arts action with the Everything Action crew.

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