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The Pull List: Fight Club 2 Issue #1

I am Jack’s lost half.

Its been 10 year since the events of Fight Club and life for the Narrator (Sometimes known as Jack) has taken a slower pace. Gone are the days of attending support groups, organizing fights, and making soap. Instead, the Narrator is living the lifestyle that Tyler Durden had tried to erase. The Narrator has married Marla Singer and has moved into the suburbs to raise a child. Everything in his life got the volume turned up. However, Mr. Durden has everything going according to his plan. Issue #1 of Fight Club is a great entry for the next series of events for the Narrator. Now in his 30’s, the Narrator has been living the last 10 years trying to resemble the life that Tyler Durden literally blew up. Replacing all his old stress relief outlets with medication and ignorance, life without Tyler has been peaceful, but dull. We also get to see how Marla Singer handles the role of wife and mother to the Narrator’s child Junior, who happens to have a creative and potentially dangerous hobby in chemistry.

If you are a fan of Fight Club, I highly recommend following along this series. The 10 year gap between Fight Club Fight Club 2 helps set a perfect stage for to see how life after Project Mayhem has turned out. We get a reintroduce to the Narrator and overview of his life so far, a view of the disfunctional marriage with Marla, and the introduction of Junior seems to have some traits of Tyler. The war on communism continues to raging on with Tyler Durden some how behind the scenes, pulling the strings and setting up another project Rize or Die. We will learn what Tyler been up to in later issues. 

Remember, “In Tyler we trust“.

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