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Everything Actioncast Ep 257 “To the Xtreme”


This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe talk more Mad Max, Hogan vs The Expendables, the beginnings of CSI, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, xtreme Point Break remake and much more.

  • News: Point Break, Knock Knock, The Gallows trailers, Robert Rodriguez directing a Johnny Quest movie, It remake stalled as Cary Fukunaga leaves, Fox rebooting League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Hulk Hogan may be the villain in Expendables 4, Jaden Smith possibly playing Static Shock, World War Z 2 and Now You See Me 3 announced, Empire of the Dead becoming a TV show.
  • Show and Tell:  All the guys saw Left Behind, Chris saw Mad Max: Fury Road, Joe watched some Total Divas on WWE Network and Zach saw Tomorrowland, the pilot of CSI, Hercules in New York and Predator: Dark Ages.

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