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Movie of the Month: Enter the Ninja

By Zach


Probably the most widely available it’s ever been, with a recent Blu Ray release and streaming on Netflix, we are watching the original 80’s ninja classic, Enter the Ninja. ¬†Arriving in 1981 from the infamous Cannon Group, Enter the Ninja stars Franco Nero, the original Django, as Cole, an American who trained in the art of ninjitsu, is visiting his war buddy with a large farm in the Phillippines but an evil CEO wants the land and kills Cole’s friend and then turns his attention to Cole when he refuses to leave.

Sho Kosugi actually makes his co-starring debut in Enter the Ninja, after playing random villains and extras in Bruce Lee movies. ¬†Kosugi would become Cannon’s go-to ninja star, starring in the other two movies of their loose “Ninja Trilogy” which includes Revenge of the Ninja and Ninja III: The Domination and he also starred in other non-Cannon ninja movies like Pray for Death and 9 Deaths of the Ninja.

We’ll dive into all the ninja action at the end of the month.


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