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Battle at the Box Office 6/15


Jurassic World shattered almost every expectation and record you can think of this weekend as it had the second highest opening weekend of all time with $204 million, beating Age of Ultron and just barely getting beaten by The Avengers.  Adding a staggering $307 million globally and Jurassic World had the highest global opening weekend of all time.  It’s now the biggest opening weekend in Universal history.  Finally, it had the best per theater weekend average of all time with $48.8K per theater.  If you adjust for inflation, the original Jurassic Park made around $76 million on it’s opening weekend.

The rest of the top ten combined only made a fraction of Jurassic World’s take, with Spy a very distant second with $16 million.

San Andreas dropped to third with $11 million and it’s made over $119 million for it’s three weeks out

Insidious Chapter 3 lost almost 70% from it’s opening last weekend and took fourth with $7.3 million and Pitch Perfect 2 rounded out the top 5 with another $6 million.

Entourage took a pretty big tumble, falling out of the top five in it’s second week and taking sixth with only another $4.3 million.

On the indie side of things, the Brian Wilson biopic, Love & Mercy, cracked the top 10 with it’s slightly wider release, making $1.8 million in 576 theaters and coming in at number 10.


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