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All New, All Different Marvel Comics Universe

Following the current Secret Wars event, where Doctor Doom has created his own universe from the remains of the 616 and Ultimate universes colliding, things will be pretty different in the Marvel comics universe whenever and however it comes back into being.  Marvel released the covers for all the new #1s that will be part of the All New, All Different Marvel line and there’s some standards like Amazing Spider-Man (and Miles Morales starring in Spider-Man), X-Men and Iron Man but also some crazy new teams and books, like the monster filled Howling Commandos of SHIELD, a Kitty Pryde led Guardians of the Galaxy, X-23 as the new Wolverine, a bunch of new solo titles featuring Drax, Scarlet Witch, the Inhuman Karnak and more.  Check out all the new titles below and you can also download the preview digitally from Marvel’s digital store or Comixology.


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