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Goosebumps Trailer


RL Stine’s classic book series returns this fall with the super meta Goosebumps movie.  Jack Black plays an extremely exaggerated version of RL Stine, who lives with his daughter Hannah (Odeya Rush).  A single mom (Amy Ryan) and her son Zach (Dylan Minnette) move next door and, after thinking Hannah is in trouble one night, Zach inadvertently finds out Stine’s secret: that all the Goosebumps monsters are real and locked in their manuscripts.  A mishap unleashes the monsters on the town and Stine, Hannah and Zach have to recapture them all.  Halston Sage, Ryan Lee, Jillian Bell, Ken Marino and Kumail Nanjiani co-star and the movie arrives on October 6th.  This first trailer doesn’t make me super excited but Goosebumps is a part of my DNA and I really appreciate the fact that the heavy hitters like Slappy are joined by lesser known monsters, like the giant praying mantis from “A Shocker on Shock Street” are also in play.  Check out the trailer below.

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