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News Shotgun 7/18


  • CW DCverse casting: A ton of villains and potential allies were announced for the upcoming seasons of Arrow and Flash.  Echo Kellum will play Mr. Terrific, an inventing whiz who will be friends with Felicity on Arrow, Neal McDonough will be the Arrow big bad, Damien Darhk, who may be leading the evil organization HIVE, Alexander Calvert will play Anarky on Arrow, Adam Copeland aka former WWE supestar Edge will play the villain Atom Smasher on Flash and also on Flash, Michael Ironside will play Captain Cold’s father, Lewis Snart.  Wall West and Jay Garrick are also supposed to appear in season 2 of Flash.
  • HBO Now available now on Android and Amazon devices:  HBO’s standalone streaming service is now available on Android and Amazon devices.  If you happen to download it, I highly recommend the first thing you watch is 7 Days in Hell.
  • Bones and Sleepy Hollow to crossover next seasonThe normal, kind of boring world of Bones will crossover with the batshit insane world of Sleepy Hollow next season as some sort of case will require Ichabod Crane and Abbie Mills to get help from forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan and FBI agent Seeley Booth.  The event will be a two parter with an episode on each show.
  • Brand new Back to the Future Blu Ray set coming this fallTo celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first movie, a new special Blu Ray collection is coming this fall that includes the trilogy, the complete animated series, a replica Flux Capacitor, a brand new bonus disc of content and 64 page book.  It should be out in October and the soundtrack is also being remastered and released on October 16th and the trilogy is returning to select theaters as well.
  • Constantine could still show up on Arrow Season 4One of the biggest supporters of Constantine was Arrow star Stephen Amell, who vowed to show up on the show if it was renewed.  NBC didn’t take the offer and cancelled Constantine but apparently there’s still a chance John could show up on season 4.  co-showrunner Wendy Mericle said at Comic Con last weekend that they were trying to figure out if they could fit a crossover into Matt Ryan’s schedule and working out possible rights and other issues.
  • Insidious maze coming to both Halloween Horror Nights eventsUniversal Florida and Orlando are both getting a maze that will send guests into The Further from Insidious.  You’ll encounter the ghosts from the series, including the Woman in Black and the Red Faced Demon.  The event starts on September 18th and goes to November 1st.
  • Michael Cera will be Lego Robin in the Lego Batman movieCera reunites with his TV uncle, Will Arnett, for the upcoming Lego Batman movie, spinning off of The Lego Movie, and he’ll play Robin.  The movie is supposed to arrive in 2017.
  • First look at X-Men: Apocalypse


  • Disney planning a live action Genie spin-offDisney is planning on telling the origin story of Aladdin’s magical best friend, Genie, in an upcoming live action prequel, that could potentially lead into a live action Aladdin reboot.  No actors, directors or a release date were announced.
  • Hotel Transylvania series comingThe monster hijinks will continue after the sequel hits this fall as a Hotel Transylvania TV series will come in 2017.  Sony is developing the series but there is currently no network, although it seems like it would have to go to either Cartoon Network or go to a streaming site.  The show will follow Dracula’s daughter Mavis (Selena Gomez) through her teen years but it’s not clear if it will be a prequel or set between the first and second movies and it’s also not clear if any of the cast will return to reprise their roles.
  • Last Starfighter getting a TV rebootOriginal screenwriter Jonathan Betuel is working on a reboot of The Last Starfighter, entitled The Starfighter Chronicles, for television.  Betuel is looking to incorporate VR tech like Oculus into the show or as a supplement to the show, like being able to walk around and examine the Starfighter.  There’s not really any other details at the time.
  • Fight Club Rock Opera in the worksDavid Fincher is apparently working with Trent Reznor and Julie Taymor to adapt Fight Club into a rock opera for Broadway.  Fincher has been working on this for a while and was trying to get a show out for the 10th anniversary of the movie in 2009 but that never happened.
  • Rambo may fight ISIS in the new movieAt Comic Con, Stallone was apparently interviewed and said that Rambo V may have shifted focus again and may now see Rambo fighting the forces of ISIS.  Stallone said they are researching areas in Iraq and Syria and talking to the locals to get the most realistic experience for the movie, still titled Rambo: Last Blood.  This is probably the third or fourth plot shift for the movie.
  • Hannibal and Aquarius move to SaturdaysNBC is banishing Hannibal and Aquarius to Saturday nights to put the final nail in the coffin for the former.  Hannibal has six episodes left and is entering it’s take on the Red Dragon story.  Aquarius was renewed for a second season by NBC, so it’s not clear why they are moving it to Saturdays as well but the entire season has also been on Hulu since the first episode aired.

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