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5 Best Moments from Wet Hot American Summer


The gang from Camp Firewood return tomorrow with the new Netflix prequel, First Day of Camp, and hopefully there will be tons of moments that are as great as these five from the movie.

5. The Van Running Joke

Paul Rudd’s character Andy is supposed to be watching the kids at the camp when they are swimming but is constantly distracted and it’s implied that multiple kids drown under his watch.  In order to keep things quiet, Andy takes the missing camper’s swim buddy in a van and throws them off onto the side of road, and it’s never not hilarious.

4.  Training Montage

Depressed because he’s lost any chance of declaring his love for his crush, Coop (Michael Showalter) is approached by camp cook, Gene (Chris Meloni), who offers to show him “the new way”, which leads to a vague training montage that involves elements of getting ready for a fight, getting ready for a dance competition and just random activities.  None of this has any bearing on Coop’s eventual performance at the camp’s big talent show and also his crush, Katie (Marguerite Moreau) would rather date hot guy Andy because she’s just super superficial right now.

3. “You gonna clean that up?”


Andy is too cool for pretty much everything in this movie but when he just throws his plate on the floor after he’s done in the dining room, head counselor Beth (Janeane Garofalo) forces him to pick it up, leading to one of the greatest extended bits in comedy history as Andy wordlessly cleans up in the most disgusted way possible.


When camp counselor Victor (Ken Marino) seems to have a shot at getting laid, he immediately abandons the campers he took white water rafting to head back to camp.  Since he’s seemingly the only one who can navigate the river, Joe Lo Truglio’s Neil hijacks a motorcycle and also abandons the kids to head back to camp to get Victor.  When Neil gets back, the movie immediately shifts gears into some sort of bizarre thriller where Neil and Beth have to find the phone Victor is calling from and they rampage across the camp, destroying everything in their path.

1. Going to Town

When Beth heads to town for supplies, Coop, Katie, Susie (Amy Poehler), Henry (David Hyde Pierce), J.J (Zak Orth) and McKinley (Michael Ian Black) tag along for what becomes an insane hour as getting ice cream turns into the gang almost overdosing on heroin.  This is the pinnacle of Wet Hot’s wonderful craziness.




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