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Everything Actioncast Ep 266 “Wayward Joker”

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This week on the podcast, Zach, Chris and Joe talk about what could potentially be the greatest DC animated movie of all time, the mysteries of Wayward Pines, the insanity of Sharknado 3, Michael Bay’s take on Benghazi, Shadow of the Vampire and much more.

  • News: 13 Hours and The Night Before trailers, Chris Pine playing Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, Mark Hamill voicing the Joker in The Killing Joke animated movie, Nosferatu getting a remake, The Terminator will be playable in WWE 2K16, Key & Peele ending after the next season, Seth Gordon directing Baywatch movie, Brad Peyton directing Rampage, American Psycho coming to Broadway as a musical.
  • Show and Tell: All the guys watched Beach Party and Chris watched Wayward Pines while Zach watched Rick & Morty, The Man in the High Castle, Sharknado 3 and Ex Machina.

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