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We got word about a couple of cool action projects that need help on Kickstarter to get funded and thought that we’d help spread the word to get more old school action out into the world.

First there’s In Action, which is the first “two person” action movie from Sean Kenealy and Eric Silvera that is trying to break down action to it’s base elements but still deliver all the thrills of a big budget blockbuster.  The movie will only start Sean and Eric but they’ll use makeup, costumes and editing to play multiple roles and use lighting, editing and set design to make their one room set transform into different locations.  The movie is about a pair of screenwriters trying to write an old school, 80’s style action movie but their plot points about a chemical attack against the President draws the attention of the NSA and the pair are locked away in a secret location.  The movie is looking for $22,000 and is about halfway there with a little over two weeks left.  Check out their promo video below and hit the link if you want to help.

The other project is Swords of Insurgency from Michael Neal, which is a post-apocalyptic martial arts series that is looking for $6,000 and is also about halfway there with 22 days left as of this post.  It’s set in a world that’s been hit by a massive disaster and a brutal new government has taken over and locks the heroine, Abbie, in a prison, where she has to escape and join the resistance.  Guns have become scarce so swords and martial arts are the main weapons in the world now.  It looks kind of like that NBC show Revolution but not terrible and stupid.  They’ve made a full length pilot episode already and need funding to make more, check out their video below and donate if you like what you see.

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