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Burnt Trailer


Bradley Cooper recently returned to the world of his first ever movie with Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and this fall, he’s going to be back in familiar territory on the big screen with Burnt.  Cooper was in the show Kitchen Confidential back in 2005 on Fox, based on the Anthony Bourdain’s book of the same name.  The show was cancelled after four episodes but with Burnt, Cooper is back in the kitchen as brilliant chef Adam Jones, who moves to London to open a new restaurant and try to get his third Michelin star but his addiction to drugs and the pressure of the kitchen seems like it will make that difficult.  Sienna Miller, Omar Sy, Matthew Rhys, Daniel Bruhl, Alicia Vikander, Emma Thompson and Uma Thurman co-star and the movie is out on October 23rd, check out the trailer below.

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