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Musical Montage: White Sister “April (You’re No Fool)”


Getting lost in the late 80’s slasher craze was Killer Party from 1986.  A horror/comedy that focuses on a trio of sorority girls who are planning an April Fool’s Day party at an abandoned house where a local fraternity is going to join them.  One of the girls gets possessed by a demonic spirit that was trapped in the house and starts killing everyone at the party, so sort of Evil Deadesque.  The movie was actually originally supposed to be called “April Fool” and that’s probably why the big song made for the movie by White Sister was called “April (You’re No Fool)”.  None of the girls are named April in the movie and the video by White Sister featured them at a drive-in while a young girl seems to be getting attacked by zombies, so there seems to be some confusion between the studio and the band.  Check out the music video below.


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