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News Shotgun 8/29


  • The Shield being remastered for 4K widescreenThe Shield debuted when widescreen was not the norm but now it’s being remastered and upgraded for a new Blu Ray release in 2017.  Creator Shawn Ryan says the test footage looks excellent.
  • Lionsgate developing a Borderlands movieLionsgate is turning the popular shooter series into a movie, with producer Avi Arad and his son Ari producing.  The series has two main entries, a prequel and a Telltale series.
  • TBS renews American Dad for more seasonsAmerican Dad will be debuting it’s 11th season on TBS soon but the network has renewed the show for two additional years as well.  The show has been doing exceptionally well on both TBS and during reruns on Adult Swim since leaving Fox.
  • Slash producing an 80’s style slasher movieGuns N Roses guitarist Slash is teaming up with horror director Brian Sieve to produce a slasher movie in the vein of the 80’s classics like Friday the 13th.  No word on a release date or plot.
  • First Look at Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed movie:


  • Galaxy Quest TV show coming to AmazonAmazon has signed a deal to bring a show based on the sci-fi cult classic Galaxy Quest to their Instant Video service.  It’s not clear how this show will fit with the movie, or if anyone from the movie will retrun but Amazon has ordered a pilot and it will most likely go through their “Pilot Season” program where Amazon users vote for what pilots they want to get full season pick ups.
  • Ridley Scott confirms he is working on Prometheus 2 nextRidley Scott is sending us to Mars this fall with highly anticipated The Martian and he confirmed this week that he’ll stay in space, as his next project is Prometheus 2.  There aren’t any sort of plot details or how it will continue the story of Prometheus but Scott has said he’s going to move away from the Xenomorphs and introduce a new alien species.
  • Sons of Anarchy spinoff in the worksAfter the, from all accounts, disappointing finale of Sons of Anarchy, FX apparently still wants to stay in that universe and are developing a spinoff series based on The Mayan bike club that tangled with the SAMCRO club throughout the series.  Kurt Sutter is currently working on developing the spinoff.
  • Castlevania getting an animated seriesAdi Shankar, produce of the “Bootleg Universe” fan films like Punisher: Dirty Laundry and Power/Rangers, is apparently producing a “super violent” animated series based on Castlevania III.  The show will have an anime look and Shankar pointed to Ghost in the Shell and Akira as influences.
  • Wes Ball directing Fall of GodsAfter completing The Maze Runner trilogy, director Wes Ball will move on to adapting the Kickstarted graphic novel, Fall of Gods, for Fox.  The graphic novel is about a Norse warrior who must travel into the depths of Jotunheim, realm of the ice giants, to find the woman he loves who disappeared.
  • Universal Orlando getting a Fast & Furious rideUniversal Hollywood currently has a Fast & Furious experience at the end of their Hollywood backlot tour but Universal Orlando will get a standalone version of that ride in 2017.  The ride features Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese and The Rock and has guests being chased by Luke Evans’ Owen Shaw and getting rescued by the F&F crew.  The Fast & Furious ride will replace Disaster and the Beetlejuice stage show at Universal Orlando.
  • Lea Seydoux cast in GambitThe Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and Spectre Bond girl has been cast as Bella Donna Boudreaux in Gambit, co-starring with Channing Tatum.  Bella Donna is a member of the Assassin’s Guild in New Orleans and, in the comics, was supposed to marry Gambit as a sort of peace deal between the assassins and thieves but things went bad.  She also has the mutant abilities to astrally project herself anywhere on Earth and fire plasma blasts.
  • Vin Diesel returns to XXXVin Diesel confirmed this week that he will return as Xander Cage for a sequel to the extreme sports/spy movie XXX and it will start shooting this December.  Ice Cube took over the franchise in the second sequel, XXX: State of the Union.


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