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News Shotgun 9/5


  • New Incredible Hulk revealedAfter things shake out from the Secret Wars, in the newly formed Marvel Univers, Amadeus Cho, the Korean-American genius inventor and friend/sidekick to both Bruce Banner and Hercules, is now the Hulk.  Cho will debut as the Hulk in Totally Awesome Hulk #1 in December.
  • Mahershala Ali joins Luke CageThe House of Cards and Hunger Games actor will play the villainous Cottonmouth when Luke Cage debuts on Netflix and Stephen Rider, who could be seen in movies like The Butler, will be playing Blake Tower in Daredevil Season 2, a fellow lawyer who helps out Daredevil with leads to various criminals.  Luke Cage also got a pretty major addition with cybernetic private eye Misty Knight, who will be played by Simone Missick.
  • Diggle’s new costume on Arrow Season 4 revealed:


  • Jungle Cruise movie will be set in the 1920’sThe Rock will head back to the Roaring 20’s when he takes the lead on Disney’s upcoming Jungle Cruise movie, based on their classic ride at both Disneyland and Disney World.  The Rock confirmed both his casting and the time period in an Instagram post.
  • Mega Man movie in the worksEven though they haven’t really done anything with him video game wise, Capcom is apparenlty gearing up for a bunch of Mega Man on the small and big screen.  An animated series is in the works and now Fox is apparently developing a movie of the blue bomber.  No word on if this Mega Man would be animated, live action or some sort of hybrid and no producer/writer/director info was revealed either.
  • Netflix renews Narcos for a second seasonNetflix has renewed their Pablo Escobar drama series for another season, which will most likely arrive around the same period next year.
  • Benicio Del Toro confirms he’s in Star Wars Episode VIIIDel Toro confirmed that his next project is Star Wars Episode VIII and that it’s going to start shooting in March.  Looper/Brick/Brothers Bloom director Rian Johnson is at the helm.
  • Nickelodeon may reboot a bunch of classic NicktoonsNick’s president of content, Russell Hicks, said the company is looking into their back catalog to possibly bring back some classic Nicktoons for a new generation.
  • Cate Blanchett playing Lucille Ball in a new biopic: Blanchett will star as the comedy legend and the movie will focus on her marriage to Desi Arnaz and the creation of their classic TV show.  Aaron Sorkin will be writing the script.
  • RIP Dean JonesThe star of classic Disney movies like The Love Bug and That Darn Cat passed away at age 84 this past week.
  • Penny Dreadful Season 3 castingPatti Lupone, who made a huge impact as the Cut-Wife in Season 2, will return as a regular on Season 3 of Penny Dreadful as a new character, Dr. Seward, who is treating Eva Green’s Vanessa Ives in America.  Dr. Henry Jekyll will also make his debut in the Penny Dreadful universe played by Shazad Latif and Wes Studi will play Kaetanay, a Native American who may be able to help Josh Hartnett’s Ethan Chandler harness his Lycan side.
  • Kenneth Branagh directing the first Artemis Fowl movieBrannagh will be directing the first movie based on the hugely popular Artemis Fowl books.  Fowl is a 12 year old anti-hero who has amassed a massive fortune through various criminal dealings.  No word on casting yet.
  • Possible short list for female lead of Ready Player One movieElle Fanning, Olivia Cooke and Lola Kirke are all apparently being considered for the female lead of the Ready Player One movie, which although not specifically mentioned is most likely the character Samantha Cook aka Art3mis, who is the love interest of protagonist Wade Watts although they could be up for Wade’s best friend, Helen Harris, as well.  Nick Robinson is apparently being considered for the role of Wade.
  • Hulu offers commerical free option, gets Epix from NetflixHulu started to offer this week an $11.99 commerical free option that removes ads from all content on Hulu.  The current Hulu Plus plan of $4.99 a month only removes ads from movies and children’s programming.  They also scored a massive blow against Netflix by signing a deal with movie channel Epix, which would move their catalog from Netflix to Hulu later this year and includes movies like The Hunger Games, Transformers and Star Trek Into Darkness.
  • Vincent Cassel cast as the villain of Bourne 5Bourne 5 starts shooting soon with Matt Damon back as super agent Jason Bourne and he’ll be up against French actor Vincent Cassell, who has been cast as the main villain of the movie.  Paul Greengrass returns to direct.
  • NBC orders Brides of Dracula pilotArchie Comics CCO Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Arrow/Flash showrunner Greg Berlanti are teaming up for a new take on Dracula’s brides with “Brides”, which NBC ordered a pilot for.  The show is set in modern day and follows the three Brides, who survived the fall of their master, as they try to “maintain their wealth, prestige, legacy and their non-traditional family”
  • Josh Gad playing Roger Ebert in “Russ and Roger”Gad will play the legendary film critic in a movie detailing his friendship and partnership with producer Russ Meyers, who will be played by Will Ferrell.  The movie is about the pair’s attempts to get Beyond the Valley of the Dolls made, which was the first X rated film ever released by a major studio.
  • Marvel Studios shakeupAfter the “failure” of Avengers: Age of Ultron and some other behind the scenes drama, Marvel Studios has received a major power structure shakeup and now Kevin Feige will report directly to Alan Horn at Disney, cutting out Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter.  Perlmutter still has control over the TV side of Marvel, so those two universes may be even more separated in the future.
  • Deadpool game returning on current gen systemsDeadpool’s first starring role in a video game was full of tons of fun fan service and a hilarious story but somewhat repetitive gameplay but it’s still a must play if you are a fan of the Merc with a Mouth.  If you missed out on it on Xbox 360 or PS3, the game is coming to PS4 and Xbox One in November for $49.99.  All the DLC released for the previous version will be included in this up rezzed version.
  • Under the Dome cancelledCBS’ adaptation of the massive Stephen King tome about a town trapped by a mysterious dome shaped force field will end with this current season, as CBS cancelled the series this week.
  • Tony Todd voicing Zoom in Flash Season 2The Candyman himself will voice one of the main villains of Flash Season 2, Zoom.  Zoom is an alternate universe version of Reverse Flash who faced off against Wally West in the Geoff Johns run of Flash.
  • Amazon Prime Video will offer offline downloadsPrime Video got a massive new feature this week as they now allow users to download any video available on the surface to their device of choice so that it will be available for offline viewing.  There was no word on if these offline version expire but it seems like as long as you have Prime, the offline version will always be available.


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