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Room Trailer

By Zach


Based on the novel of the same name, Brie Larson stars in Room, which got excellent reviews from the various festivals it debuted at earlier this year.  Larson stars as a woman named Ma who is kidnapped when she is pregnant with her son and left in a small shed with a single room for five years.  Her son Jack is born and he’s never seen anything outside the room until they are rescued after putting a dangerous escape plan into motion.  Jack then experiences the rest of the world for the first time ever while Ma tries to get back to a normal life.  Jacob Tremblay co-stars as Jack and William H. Macy and Joan Allen are his grandparents.  It’s basically the dark and possibly horribly depressing version of Kimmy Schmidt but Larson has been getting rave reviews as usual for her role and it’s an interesting premise.  The movie will be out in October and you can check out the trailer below.

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