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News Shotgun 9/26


  • Sigourney Weaver will have a cameo in new Ghostbusters:  Along with Bill Murray, Ernie Hudson and, I believe, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver will appear in Paul Feig’s reboot of Ghostbusters.
  • List of shows coming to The SplatAiring on TeenNick from 10 PM to 6 AM starting on October 5th, The Splat will feature All That, The Angry Beavers, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, CatDog, Clarissa Explains it All, Hey, Arnold!, Hey, Dude, Kenan & Kel, Ren & Stimpy, Rugrats, Legends of the Hidden Temple, Rocko’s Modern Life, Salute Your Shorts and The Wild Thornberrys.
  • Netflix officially confirms they are producing new episodes of Black MirrorNetflix has officially confirmed they will be working with showrunner Charlie Booker to produce 12 new episodes of the incredible British anthology series, Black Mirror, that could potentially arrive in mid to late next year if they start production soon.  It’s not clear if it will be the typical Netflix dump or if it will be more like the original airing and be chunks of 3 episodes.
  • New Men in Black trilogy in production without Will SmithSony is moving forward with a new Men in Black trilogy but Will Smith is apparently not interested, so it will probably proceed without him.  No other news is available at this time.
  • Prometheus 2 is now officially Alien: Paradise LostThe upcoming follow up to Prometheus is now officially titled Alien: Paradise Lost, as revealed by director Ridley Scott while promoting The Martian.  The movie will pick up where Prometheus left off and follow Dr. Elizabeth Shaw as she tries to find the homeworld of the Engineers.
  • New A-Team series coming from FoxFox is working on developing a reboot of The A-Team that will be similar to the original series in that it will be a case-of-the-week action show featuring the four former special ops soldiers turned mercenaries Hannibal, Face, BA and Murdock.  No casting at this time but Chris Morgan, one of the writer/producers on the Fast & Furious movies, will be executive producing.
  • Amazon announces six new pilotsAfter their original series Transparent did excellent at the Emmy Awards, Amazon has announced six new shows that will get voted into a full season by the viewers.  There is a Shane Black western called Edge starring Max Martini, period drama Good Girls Revolt, comedy Highston, about a boy who imagines he sees celebrities and they are his friends, the semi-biographical One Mississippi starring Tig Notaro, political thriller Patriot, starring Terry O’Quinn and Z, a biography show about Zelda Fitzgerald.
  • Independence Day: Resurgence getting a comic prequelTo fill in the gap between Independence Day and the upcoming Resurgence, Titan Comics will be releasing a mini-series that takes place between the films and be a “a rich psychological prison drama” but we have no idea what that means.  Resurgence will pick up twenty years after the first film and find Earth fighting off a new wave of alien invaders, but this time, humanity has a new slew of reverse engineered alien weapons to fight back with.
  • Jack Ryan series coming to TVWhile Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit did not really set the world on fire, Jack Ryan will apparently return in a new TV series.  Carlton Cuse, currently producing The Strain and formerly on Lost, will produce this new version of Tom Clancy’s CIA badass, which will feature him at his prime as a CIA Agent and it won’t directly adapt any of the books, but use them as source material.
  • Jack Reacher 2 villain castShooting soon, Jack Reacher 2, with Ed Zwick behind the camera, has it’s adversary for Tom Cruise.  Patrick Heusinger, who has been on Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, Royal Pains, Gossip Girl and other TV shows, will be the main villain.  The movie will be based on the Jack Reacher book “Never Go Back”.
  • Liam Neeson starring in The CommuterAlong with the action/comedy The Revenger announced last week, it was announced that he will also star in a more straightforward thriller, The Commuter, which is about a seemingly normal man who gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy on his way to work.
  • CBS bringing Island of Dr Moreau to TVComing from one of the creators of Sleepy Hollow, CBS is bringing The Island of Dr Moreau to TV.  Called simply Moreau, the show will swap the gender of it’s titular scientist and now be Dr. Katherine Moreau, who “expands the boundaries of medicine through bold and revolutionary scientific experimentation and treatments in her privately funded island hospital”


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