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Bone Tomahawk Trailer


Kurt Russell is back in a big way this year, first stealing the show in Furious 7 as CIA agent Mr. Nobody and in December he’ll be the main member of The Hateful Eight but, in between, he’ll be hunting wild west cannibals in Bone Tomahawk.  When a group of people are captured by a tribe of cannibals, a posse of men, including Russell, Matthew Fox, Richard Jenkins and Patrick Wilson, sets out to try and save them.  Distrust between the men quickly sets in and it seems like in the trailer that they might kill each other before they even see a cannibal.  It debuted at Fantastic Fest earlier this week and generated a ton of buzz, mainly because it’s Kurt Russell fighting western cannibals and it will be out on October 23rd on VOD and in limited theaters and you can check out the trailer below.

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