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The Purple Man taunts Jessica Jones in new teaser (plus NYCC panel)

Posted on October 12, 2015 by

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Jessica Jones is slightly over a month from dropping on Netflix and, despite the bar being insanely high from Daredevil, it looks excellent and the first episode was aired during the panel at New York Comic Con this past weekend.  (Word on the street is that our friend Tony was able to get in and see it, so we’ll hopefully get his thoughts soon).  You won’t be able to see the full episode but you can check out the rest of the panel below, where the cast was assembled to let everyone know what we can expect in this second Netflix series.

You can also see the most recent teaser for the show below, which finally features Krysten Ritter in character as she’s taunted in her head by David Tennant’s sinister sounding Purple Man.  All episodes of Jessica Jones arrive on November 20th on Netflix.


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