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Admit One 10/30

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Starring: Bradley Cooper, Omar Sy, Sienna Miller, Daniel Bruhl, Matthew Rhys, Uma Thurman, Emma Thompson

Directed by: John Wells

Plot: A renegade chef reemerges in the culinary world after a massive breakdown in London, looking to open a restaurant that will earn him a third Michelin star.

Rotten Tomatoes Freshness: 30%

Critic Consensus: “Burnt offers a few spoonfuls of compelling culinary drama, but they’re lost in a watery goulash dominated by an unsavory main character and overdone clichés”


Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

Starring: Tye Sheridan, David Koechner, Cloris Leachman, Halston Sage, Logan Miller, Joey Morgan

Directed by: Christopher Landon

Plot: Three friends who are scouts battle zombies and attempt to save their town from the undead.

RT Freshness: 31%

Critic Consensus: “Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse fails to live up to its intriguingly wacky title, instead delivering yet another zombie comedy-thriller with a tired T&A twist”


Our Brand is Crisis

Starring: Sandra Bullock, Billy Bob Thornton, Anthony Mackie, Zoe Kazan, Scoot McNairy, Ann Dowd

Directed by: David Gordon Green

Plot: An American woman, well-versed in political campaigns, is sent to the war-torn lands of South America to help install a new leader but is threatened to be thwarted by a long-term rival.

RT Freshness: 32%

Critic Consensus: “Our Brand Is Crisis offers sporadic amusement and benefits from a talented cast, but ultimately lacks enough of a bite to add much of interest to the political satire genre”

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