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The Keanussance Hopefully Continues with Exposed


Keanu Reeves has been back in a big way recently with movies like John Wick and Man of Tai Chi and he’s got a ton of upcoming projects on the way, including John Wick 2, but coming possibly in the near future (there’s no US release date yet) is Exposed.  Co-starring one of his Knock, Knock torturers, Ana De Armas, Keanu is a detective who is investigating the mysterious death of his partner and crosses paths with a girl who may have seen something.  Mira Sorvino, Christopher MacDonald and Big Daddy Kane co-star and the movie is the debut film for personal trainer Gee Malik Linton, who trained Tobey Maguire for Spider-Man and Anne Hathaway for The Dark Knight Rises, among other projects.  It doesn’t look like anything too spectacular but it could be a decent thriller.  Check out the trailer below.


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