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News Shotgun 11/20


  • Christopher McQuarrie is writing and possibly directing MI6He directed Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation this year and Christopher McQuarrie is going to write and possibly direct the next entry in the series, that will probably start shooting next summer.
  • Edgar Wright doing an animated movie for DreamworksThe Cornetto Trilogy director will direct an animated movie for Dreamworks that is apparently based around shadows and the shadow world.  They had a movie in development called Me & My Shadow, which was going to star Josh Gad and Bill Hader, but this new project is apparently something new.
  • FX adapting Cat’s CradleFargo showrunner Noah Hawley is producing an adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s classic novel, Cat’s Cradle, as a new FX show.  The book follows a writer named John who meets the children of one of the co-creators of the atomic bomb and learns about a strange crystal form of water and a mysterious island with a strange population of natives.
  • Walking Dead might become a dark ride at a theme park near youAt the recent IAAPA convention, where everything related to theme parks is exhibited, Sally Corp, who creates interactive dark rides like Justice League: Battle for Metropolis at Six Flags Over Texas, have a concept for a Walking Dead ride, based on the AMC show, where riders would journey in vehicles and shoot at animatronic walkers.  No theme park has bought the concept yet but it seems inevitable.
  • The Bastard Executioner cancelled at FXKurt Sutter’s medieval passion project has been cancelled after one season on FX.  The show didn’t have the ratings to justify the cost of a period drama that was shooting on location in Wales.
  • Alexandra Daddario is the female co-star of BaywatchThe True Detective and San Andreas co-star is confirmed to be co-starring with Zac Effron and The Rock in the upcoming reboot of Baywatch, which is in the vein of the 21 Jump Street movies.  Daddario is playing Summer, possibly the equivalent of Nicole Eggert’s character on the original TV series.
  • The Soup ending at E!The Soup will wrap up after 12 years of delivering ridiculous reality show clips, with the final show airing on December 18th.
  • Merlin Saga movie comingDisney is continuing their quest to try and start live action franchises with a new movie based on The Merlin Saga, the first in series of 12 books that follow the adventures of young Merlin, who washes ashore in Wales with no memories and he tries to figure out who he is and tries to control his magical powers.  Philippa Boyens, who co-wrote The Lord of the Rings, will write the script.
  • Bubsy the Bobcat coming backThe 90’s video game mascot may be coming back thanks to Retroism, who currently have a combo of Bubsy’s first two games up on Steam Greenlight and want to make a new game in the series if things go well.
  • Tomb Raider reboot gets a directorThe movie reboot of the Tomb Raider series has gotten a director with Norwegian Roar Uthaug, who directed the well received disaster movie The Wave in Norway.
  • Val Kilmer will most likely return to Top Gun The long rumored Top Gun 2 got a boost this past week when Val “Iceman” Kilmer posted on Facebook that he was offered and accepted a role in the sequel without having to see a script or really anything about the movie.  The movie has been kind of on the back burner following the tragic death of Tony Scott a few years ago.
  • Agent Carter and Better Call Saul get premiere dates: Agent Carter will be back on January 5th for a two hour premiere that finds Peggy Carter fighting Madame Masque and other villains on the west coast.  Better Call Saul will return on February 15th on AMC as Jimmy and Mike get dragged deeper into the criminal world.
  • Universal planning MCU style Fast & Furious universeUniversal is seemingly planning to extend the Fast & Furious with spin-offs and prequels based on specific characters, the main one rumored for a while has been a solo movie for The Rock’s Agent Hobbs.
  • Jonah Ray could be the new MST3K hostAs the Kickstarter rolls on, Joel Hodgson announced on the campaign’s page that if everything goes well, he wants Nerdist’s Jonah Ray to be the new test subject on the Satellite of Love.  Jonah would play a character named Jonah Heston, who is subjected to terrible films like Joel and Mike were.
  • Prometheus sequel is now Alien CovenantRidley Scott’s follow up to Prometheus is now entitled Alien Covenant and the official synopsis describes the crew of a colony ship called Covenant that discovers a beautiful but dangerous planet where the sole inhabit seems to be the android David (Michael Fassbender).
  • Memento getting remadeChristopher Nolan’s mind bending classic is getting remade by production company AMBI, who purchased the rights to the film along with a number of other movies.  They are also working on a TV sequel to Cruel Intentions.
  • Doctor Strange gets Scott Adkins The action star has joined the upcoming Marvel movie but his role is still unknown and it’s hard to pick out a Doctor Strange character from the comics who shares Adkins martial arts prowess, unless they are doing a completely different take on Strange’s manservant Wang.
  • Matthew McConaughey may star in The Dark TowerMcConaughey is apparently in talks to play the main villain of the upcoming movie adaptation of Stephen King’s fantasy novel, The Man in Black, an evil demonic sorcerer.
  • Brett Ratner producing a movie about the development of TetrisThe Rush Hour director is producing a movie based on Alexey Pajitnov’s work developing Tetris and how it slowly spread across the USSR before exploding worldwide as the launch title of the Game Boy.  There was a big legal battle over the rights to the game and could be a really interesting Social Networkesque story.
  • Hawaiian Dick show coming to NBCJohnny Knoxville is producing an adaptation of the comic series Hawaiian Dick for NBC.  The comic is set in the 1950’s and finds a cop from the mainland being exiled to Hawaii and takes on the various criminals on the island and deals with some supernatural elements as well.

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