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News Shotgun 12/12


  • Amazon announces add-on services to Instant VideoAmazon announced this week that you can now add subscriptions to Showtime, Starz and more to your Amazon Instant Video service if you are a prime member.  Showtime and Starz are $8.99 each and there’s also services like Shudder, Screen Junkies Plus as well.  Also on Amazon Instant Video, their original series Mad Dogs, from The Shield and Terriers creator Shawn Ryan, will premiere it’s first full season on January 22nd.
  • Idris Elba in talks to star in The Dark Tower movieElba is apparently in talks to play Roland the Gunslinger, the main hero of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and, if joins the project, he’ll be up against Matthew McConaughey as the “Man in Black”.
  • Charles Dance joins the new GhostbustersThe Game of Thrones alum has joined Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters in an unrevealed role, possibly as the main villainous ghost but also just as likely just as a cameo.  I vote that he be the rebooted version of Vigo the Carpathian.
  • Wayward Pines returning next summerAlthough it was originally just going to be a one and done “Event Series”, Wayward Pines was the highest rated scripted network show of the summer and Fox is bringing it back next summer.  The new season will pick up where the last one left off, which was kind of a major cliffhanger.
  • Godzilla: Resurgence coming next summerToho, the OG home of Godzilla, is rebooting the big G themselves, following the success of the America reboot, with Godzilla: Resurgence, which will be coming on July 29, 2016.


  • Writing room for new MST3K revealedSome of the talent behind the new rebooted MST3K is Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland of Rick & Morty, Rob Schrab, the director of the next Lego Movie, Dana Gould, Ernest Cline, author of Ready Player One and Robert Lopez, the Oscar winning song writer of Frozen.
  • Star Wars live action show and Star Wars 1313 game might not be deadDuring an interview with /Film, Kathleen Kennedy, the new head of Lucasfilm, said that two of the most exciting projects that seemingly died when the company was acquired by Disney might still appear in some form in the future.  She said they are still looking at possibly developing the Star Wars: Underworld live action TV series and the Star Wars 1313 game, both of which dove into the darker, crime and bounty world world of the Star Wars universe.
  • AMC picks up NOS4A2 showAMC is adapting the novel written by Joe Hill, the son of Stephen King, into a new horror show for the network.  The novel follows Victoria “Vic” McQueen, who has the psychic ability to find any lost object and her struggle in both the 80’s and the present against Charlie Manx, a serial child abductor who absorbs the souls out of his victims to maintain his immortality.
  • Rebecca Ferguson will return for MI6If you were a fan of Rogue Nation, that team is basically back for MI6.  Christopher McQuarrie is returning to direct and it was announced this week that Rebecca Ferguson will be back as the ass kicking MI6 agent Isla Faust and she’ll be the first female IMF team member to return in the franchise.
  • Sofia Boutella in talks to be the new MummySamuel L Jackson’s razor legged henchwoman in Kingsman earlier this year is apparently in talks to play the new Mummy, opposite Tom Cruise, in the upcoming reboot that will kickstart the Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe.
  • Spike developing new sci-fi show Red MarsI don’t think anyone has heard or thought about Spike for a while now, they lost UFC and the only show I’ve really heard anything about is Ink Master because my dad watches it but Spike is looking to get a new sci-fi show developed as they’ve picked up Red Mars, from Babylon 5 showrunner J. Michael Straczynski.  Spike has ordered the show direct to series and it will be 10 episodes long for it’s first season.  The show follows the first group of settlers sent to terraform and develop Mars.
  • Stallone not involved with new Rambo showLast week we found out that Fox was developing a Rambo TV series but this week, we found out that Stallone will have nothing to do with it, based on a statement on his website. Without Stallone, it’s likely this show will either fester in development hell or come out and make zero impact and be quickly cancelled.
  • Lionsgate going to keep cranking out Hunger Games moviesDespite the series wrapping up with Mockingjay Part 2, Lionsgate is going to continue to make movies in the Hunger Games universe, specifically mentioning prequels to past Hunger Games or maybe even the original, failed revolt that led to the destruction of District 13.
  • Iron Fist gets a showrunnerDespite some conflicting reports, Netflix and Marvel have hired a showrunner for Iron Fist, which will still be a series and not the movie or cancelled in favor of Punisher that were reported in the last few months.  Dexter’s Scott Buck will be showrunning the series.
  • Full Throttle Remastered coming to PS4, Vita and PCTim Schaffer’s motorcycle gang adventure game Full Throttle is coming in a high def remastered version to PS4, Vita and PC sometime in 2017.  Another classic Lucasfilm adventure game, Day of the Tentacle, has gotten the same treatment and will come out in March of next year.  Double Fine is developing both of the remasters.
  • Silver Banshee cast in SupergirlOne of the villains Kara will face off next year after the winter break will be Silver Banshee, a long time foe of Supergirl in the comics.  Italia Ricci has been cast in the role and will start as a work rival for Kara at Cat Co. before becoming Silver Banshee, who has the power to kill anyone she knows the identity of with her “Death Wail”, a sonic shriek she can also use to teleport and other abilities.

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