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Battle at the Box Office 12/14

Posted on December 14, 2015 by


Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 held onto the top spot for the fourth and final week, the second entry in the series to hold the top spot for four weeks in a row (the first was the original).  Furious 7 is the only other movie this year to stay on top for four consecutive weeks.  The movie made another $11.3 million and it’s made over $244 million for it’s four weeks out but it seems like it’s always going to be $30 million off from Part 1.

Second place went to In the Heart of the Sea but despite it’s high spot in the rankings, it was kind of a disaster.  The movie made $11 million but it cost over $100 million to make, so it’s likely going to lose a ton of money for Warner Bros, especially since literally no one will care in 4 days.

The Good Dinosaur stayed in third with another $10.5 million and it’s made $89.6 million total but it’s the lowest grossing Pixar movie ever.

Creed also stayed in it’s spot at number four with another $10.1 million and it’s made just shy of $80 million.  It’s passed Rocky Balboa’s total gross and is closing in on Rocky II.

After a strong opening last week, Krampus took a bit of a tumble and fell to fifth with $8 million.

Everything else kind of stayed relatively the same but The Big Short, Adam McKay’s housing crisis dramedy, opened in eight theaters and made $720,000, good for $90,000 a theater, the second best per theater average of the year behind Steve Jobs.


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