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Musical Montage: The Star Wars Holiday Special


The Star Wars Holiday Special was a fever dream of insanity as coke fueled executives in 1978 thought it would be a great idea to turn Star Wars into a variety show full of special guests like Art Carney and Bea Arthur and soul sucking segments like an endless “bit” where Carney plays a droid explaining how to fix a radio or Chewbacca’s grandfather Lumpy basically masturbating in the living room to VR porn.  Like any good variety show, there were multiple musical numbers, although none of them had anything to do with what everyone loved about Star Wars.  You had Jefferson Starship performing as a hologram, Bea Arthur singing the 70’s Star Wars equivalent of “Closing Time” and a wacked out Carrie Fisher slurring out a song about Life Day set, sort of, to the main Star Wars theme.  I feel like everyone needs to see this thing once just to have the badge of honor and bragging rights but if you want to just experience the “music”, they are all below.


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