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News Shotgun 1/15

By Zach


  • Flash Gordon movie gets a new screenwriter: Matthew Vaughn’s reboot of Flash Gordon got a new screenwriter with Mark Protosevich, who wrote the Oldboy reboot and I Am Legend.
  • Wonder Woman confirmed to be in World War I: Chris Pine confirmed while doing press for The Finest Hours that the upcoming Wonder Woman movie, where he will play Steve Trevor, is set in World War I.  It was rumored that it might have been in the 20’s or possibly World War II.
  • Fox rebooting 24 with new cast: 24 is coming back again to Fox but without Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer.  An entirely new team lead by a pair of agents, Eric Carter and a female agent who was the former head of CTU, casting for both hasn’t been announced yet.  The show will jump in time from the past 24 timeline and there is the slight chance past cast members could show up but references will be more background.
  • RIP Brian BedfordDavid Marguiles and Dan Haggerty: Bedford, who voiced Robin Hood in Disney’s animated classic, passed away at age 80 from cancer, Marguiles was the mayor in Ghostbusters and had a number of other character actor roles, he passed away at 78 and Haggerty, who played Grizzly Adams, passed away at age 74, also from cancer.
  • Jake Kasdan is the Jumanji reboot director: The director of Walk Hard, Bad Teacher and Sex Tape has signed on to direct the new take on Jumanji, which is scheduled for Christmas this year.
  • Guillermo Del Toro developing Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: GDT announced that he is developing the classic and horrifying anthology books by Alvin Schwartz into a movie, which he could also direct.  GDT tweeted out the news with a picture of his framed copies of the nightmare inducing art from Steven Gammell.
  • George Miller will direct more Mad Max movies: After cleaning up at the Oscar nominations it was cleared up that George Miller will direct more sequels in the series.  It was reported earlier that Miller said he was done but he was misquoted.
  • Fan petition to have Dredd series made: A new petition has been created with the backing of Dredd’s parent company 2000 AD to have a sequel TV show made to follow up 2012’s Dredd movie.  The petition specifically calls on Netflix, HBO or Amazon to pick up the rights and continue the adventures of Mega City One’s best and most brutal judge.
  • BBC bringing back Robot Wars: After ABC’s reboot of Battlebots last summer, BBC is following up with a reboot of their robot battling show, Robot Wars.  A six episode new season will debut on BBC Two later this year and feature science content along with the robots battling each other and the “house bots”, overpowered robots who make things hell for the competitors.
  • NBC cancels Heroes: Reborn: NBC cancelled their reboot of Heroes and the final episode will air on January 21st.
  • Jonah Hex will appear on Legends of Tomorrow: DC’s scarred western anti-hero Jonah Hex will appear on an upcoming episode of Legends of Tomorrow, The CW’s gigantic DC team up show, which starts next Thursday.  The team of “Legends” will time travel back to the old west on the their quest to stop Vandal Savage and they will run into Hex.
  • Jamie Foxx co-starring in Robin Hood: Origins: Foxx will play a “battle hardened” Little John who joins Taron Egerton’s Robin Hood against the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • Ridley Scott wants to reboot The Prisoner: Scott wants to reboot the classic British sci-fi show The Prisoner into a new film.  The original stared Patrick McGoohan as a secret agent, who is kidnapped and left in an isolated seaside village that is seemingly impossible to escape from because of security devices like “anti-escape orbs”.  AMC rebooted the show as a mini-series in 2009 with Jim Caviziel and Ian McKellan.
  • Creed 2 arrives in November 2017: MGM has set the possible release of Creed 2 to November 2017, which means that director Ryan Coogler may not be back to direct, as he was announced this week as the director of Black Panther. Michael B. Jordan and Stallone are expected to return for the sequel.
  • Possible young Han Solo shortlist: For the upcoming “Star Wars Tale” featuring a young Han Solo, the shortlist for who could possibly take over from Harrison Ford includes Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, Dave Franco and Logan Lerman as the frontrunners and a bunch of others listed as well. The movie is scheduled for May 2019 and Lord & Miller are signed on to direct.
  • Matt Groening developing a new show for Netflix: Groening is in talks to bring a new animated show to Netflix, with a potential two seasons of 10 episodes each.  This will be the first new show from Groening since Futurama.



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