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Admit One 1/29


Kung Fu Panda 3

Starring: Jack Black, Bryan Cranston, JK Simmons, Kate Hudson, Angelina Jolie, James Hong, Jackie Chan, David Cross, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu

Directed by: Alessandro Carloni, Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Plot: Kung fu master Po reunites with his long lost father in a lost village of pandas but has to train the peaceful residents to defend their home from a supernatural villain.

Rotten Tomatoes Freshness: 79%

Critic Consensus: “Kung Fu Panda 3 boasts the requisite visual splendor, but like its rotund protagonist, this sequel’s narrative is also surprisingly nimble, adding up to animated fun for the whole family”


The Finest Hours

Starring: Chris Pine, Casey Affleck, Ben Foster, Eric Bana, Josh Stewart, Holliday Grainger

Directed by: Craig Gillespie

Plot: A small Coast Guard rescue team is sent on a seemingly impossible mission to rescue the crew of a wrecked oil tanker in 1952 during one of the worst storms in history.

RT Freshness: 61%

Critic Consensus: “Old-fashioned to a fault, The Finest Hours will satisfy those seeking a traditional rescue drama – but may leave more adventurous viewers wanting more”


Fifty Shades of Black

Starring: Marlon Wayans, Kali Hawk, Andrew Bachelor, Affion Crockett, Mike Epps, Jane Seymour

Directed by: Michael Tiddes

Plot: The Wayan Brothers spoof Fifty Shades of Gray, Magic Mike and more.

RT Freshness: 20%

Critic Consensus: N/A


Jane Got a Gun

Starring: Natalie Portman, Joel Edgerton, Noah Emmerich, Rodrigo Santorio, Ewan McGregor, Boyd Holbrook

Directed by: Gavin O’Connor

Plot: A frontierswoman recruits her old flame to help her fend off a group of outlaws who are targeting her home and her husband.

RT Freshness: 33%

Critic Consensus: N/A

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