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The Sickness is Back For the Cabin Fever Remake (Trailer)


It’s been almost 15 years since Eli Roth burst onto the scene with the brutal Cabin Fever but now he’s executive producing a remake of his breakout hit from director Travis Zariwny.  Not changing up the premise, it’s still about a group of friends heading out to a cabin in the woods for some weekend debauchery but they each start showing signs of a deadly flesh eating virus and have to fend off the crazed local who want to kill them to stop the disease’s spreading.  The cast includes Gage Golightly, Matthew Daddario, Nadine Crocker, Justin Ingram and Samuel Davis, with Roth making some sort of cameo.  The new Cabin Fever arrives next month from IFC Midnight and you can check out the trailer below.

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